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I am a Believer, a Dreamer, a Go-Getter. I live in the Spectacular Sonoran Desert with my Beautiful Family, We Enjoy traveling across this Awesome Planet…

His Strength In Your Weakness

I didn’t have an easy childhood. I came from a home that was broken many, many times over. But I can look back on my past today and instead of moaning about it, I can say, “I went through that, and now I can comfort others.” It has become a tool to help others.

I wouldn’t want to go through that again, of course. Nor would I want anyone else to go through the same thing. But I’m thankful that God can take my past and use it for His glory today. Plus, come to think about it I wouldn’t change it .. I am who I am because of it..I’m thankful that He can take that hardship and use it for His glory. He can do the same for you.

Maybe at this time in your life, you’re going through some hard times, and you’re wondering why. God will use it. It’s hard to believe now. But just remember that it won’t last forever. Trials don’t last forever.. they hold valuable lessons for us.

I’m reminded of a sign posted at the end of an airport runway that reads, “Keep moving. If you stop, you are in danger and a danger to those who are flying.”

You can take that same statement and apply it to your life. Keep moving. Don’t give up. Don’t abandon hope. You are going to get through that valley in your life. There will be an even greater mountaintop beyond it, with great lessons you have learned as God demonstrates His strength in your weakness….GL

Beautiful Boy

Hello everyone,

Been gone for a while…coast to coast LA to Chicago….This has been on my mind now for a couple of weeks I seen the book at an airport bookstore then I seen the trailer which I have a link to below…2 minute trailer had me teared up. Someone reading this may be going through this or someone you know..either way tough subject tough situation for everyone involved.  There is help out there if the person really wants it.. lots of people go out of there way and have a caring heart to help. .As TD Jakes said “without a new outlook you are not having a new year..you are living a continuation of the old year”…or your old life your old ways etc…nothing changes if nothing changes…Doing the same thing over and over and expecting  a different result is insanity a wise man once ..said Einstein I think..Until you change your thinking you will always recyle your experiences…same thoughts ..same behavior.. same reality..Do whatcha gotta do…you were meant to live for so much more

I have not seen the movie yet or read the book..I’m going to do both ASAP

Has anyone seen it? What do you think?

No Matter What Happens In Your Life, You Can Start Over

“You feel sorry about the plant, though you did nothing to put it there.

Maybe you were hoping something would happen in your life, and it didn’t happen…While Jonah was sitting outside Nineveh, waiting for it to be judged, the Bible tells us.. The Lord God arranged for a leafy plant to grow there, and soon it spread its broad leaves over Jonah’s head, shading him from the sun. This eased his discomfort, and Jonah was very grateful for the plant”  Then the Bible says the Lord brought a worm that ate the plant, causing it to die. So Jonah said, “Death is certainly better than living like this!” Jonah seemed to be more concerned about losing his shade than he was about the people of Nineveh. He missed his comfort. He missed the whole picture.  The problem with Jonah was that he was preoccupied with himself. It’s a reminder that no matter how long we have known the Lord, we can still mess up. No matter how long we have known the Lord, we still may need to be revived again. You may have slipped in one way or another maybe in more than one way.. however God can turn a mess into a success in the words of Manny Pacquiao…First thing you should do if you want to start fresh is…Renew your mind a negative mind can not produce a positive life..or something like that you get the idea.  If any of you have hit rock bottom or know someone that has or is throwing there life away please intervene offer help put them in Gods hands and let Him do the work..Have faith visualize your life and that persons life the way you would like to see it and live it… a long happy, healthy, and wealthy life for you and your household all those connected to you in any way may God bless all of you with peace,  joy, and tranquility in every area and aspect of your life. Secondly, sow seeds for the things you need. For example you need healing visit a sick person..Are you lonely be a friend. etc.. etc..Have a Good evening





Just Do It…Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Just Do It

Do it Just do it.  Don’t let your dreams be dreams yesterday you said tomorrow.  So just do it make your dreams come true.  Just do it some people dream of success while you’re gonna wake up and work hard at it!  Nothing is impossible. You should get to the point where anyone else would quit and you’re not going to stop there.  No what are you waiting for?  Do it just do it yes you can just do it.  If you’re tired of starting over stop giving up


Estilos De Aprendizajes

Cada persona tiene diferentes estilos de aprendizaje. Algunos aprenden en forma analítica, otros en forma dinámica, imaginativa o utilizando su sentido común. Cuando un padre conoce el estilo de aprendizaje de sus hijos, podrá ayudarles de manera personalizada en sus estudios, relaciones interpersonales y la vida en general.

Si tienes la bendición de ser padre, también te has dado cuenta que cada niño y niña son muy distintos. Ninguno de ellos es igual a otro, ni física o emocionalmente. Cada uno cuenta con sus gustos, disgustos, personalidad e inteligencia.

Como padres, una de las tareas que se nos entrega es la de enseñar a nuestros hijos. Les enseñamos desde cómo vestirse, bañarse, montar una bicicleta, y asta la fecha hemos tratado todo con uno de nuestros hijos y no puede y ya no quiere aprender….hablar, relacionarse… un sin fin de cosas. También otra parte de nuestra tarea como padres y la mas importante es lo que dice…. en Proverbios 22:6 dice: Instruye al niño en su camino, y aun cuando fuere viejo no se apartará de él.

Este verso nos confirma lo que los estudiosos nos dicen sobre la importancia de enseñar a nuestros hijos buenos hábitos y costumbres desde pequeños.

Vamos a Identificar las fortalezas de nuestros hijos y de esta manera lograremos que la enseñanza en casa sea más efectiva. – IL




Through The Valley


Mountaintops Inspire Leaders,  But Valleys Mature Them…Winston Churchill

Have you ever gone through a valley in your life? Perhaps it was a time when unexpected circumstances suddenly came crashing down on you?  Maybe it was a time when it seemed as though everyone even God himself had abandoned you. In life, many will be no strangers to calamity and hardship. Some of us already know what it is like to face difficulties. We can all  speak of our own shortcomings, weaknesses, and questions we face in life.  For example, I came from the school of hard knocks etc…etc… blah blah blah woo woo woo… I am a man who knows what it is like to need God’s help in more ways than one but that’s another subject for another day… Anyway, I don’t like valleys I prefer mountaintops I like the sun to be shining the birds singing,  my wife smiling and whistling. I like good times. I don’t like or want friction….However, you see that mountaintop in the distance? The way to that mountaintop is through that valley. We all go through those valleys in life, hard times. Whatever valley it is, you’re going through remember this nugget I learned and am sharing with you, you are not alone. That is God’s great promise to the believer…G.L.

Keep your eye on the prize in everything you do.


Hit The Road Jack

Hello everyone,

Wrapped up a project in Sioux Falls South Dakota hitting the road or I should say the sky…flying back to sunny warm Arizona no complaints…ready for some family fun..God Bless…see you at the top.


Hello World!

Hello World,

Frequent post coming soon on every and all subjects and or current events whatever is on my mind at the moment, whatever I want to vent about, talk about, bring to your attention. Stay connected, engaged.

Find your purpose in life. You are not just a meaningless blob of cosmic goop who just happens to be floating around today on a rotating sphere headed no where just here today gone tomorrow to die and become worm food .You are more than just molecules in motion. Your great grand daddy was not a monkey. Seek and you will find